Investor Awareness Program

Action 90

What is Action 90?

Action 90 is an "ACTION" oriented powerful workshop that will transform the financial lives of your employees. The Program is divided on to 2 parts:"

Part 1: 90 Minutes' interactive workshop on the concepts and importance of financial planning. The workshop will cover "Building Blocks of financial planning - The four Pillers" - A starter's guide to financial planning.

Part 2: 90 days of Action after the workshop.
During these 90 days, through personal interactions, will guide, monitor and handhold each participant implement the plan for their financial well-being, keeping in mind the building blocks and their individual needs.

Why Action 90?

As the name suggests, the program is all about taking ACTION. We often know what to do, but knowing is not enough, we need to do something about it. Therefore, instead of just talking about financial planning, Action 90 will go one step forward and assist them in taking action to achieve their financial goals. We will guide, monitor and handhold your employees in their journey towards financial well-being!

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